Faith comes to Calgary

Faith comes to Calgary

Faith is a Pit Bull who had the misfortune of living in Ontario where dogs like her are, by law, not allowed. She is one of the many Pit Bull-type dogs that are discriminated against based simply on the way she looks: square head and muscular build.

Flying out of Hamilton on Thursday afternoon, Faith arrived in Calgary that evening where she was met at the airport by DAISY Foundation founder, Heather Anderson and Faith’s overnight foster family. On Friday, they set out for BC to visit a woman who was interested in adopting Faith into her extended family of cats, dogs, goats and horses on some acreage in the countryside.

Upon arrival, Faith greeted the woman with a smothering of kisses — this is Faith’s trademark behavior: kisses. She loves people and wants to please them. However, when she was introduced to the other dogs, there was tension. Faith showed aggression towards them. One stood up to her and the two had to be separated. This was decidedly not the best situation for anyone.

So Friday afternoon, Faith returned to Calgary. She is in foster care with a wonderful and caring couple who are familiar with Pit Bulls.

Today, Faith is getting spayed. Once recovered, she will be meeting with a trainer so we can determine the best route to take with her. It seems she has had little training in her life, yet she so wants to learn. And she is a very smart girl. I received this note from Faith’s foster mom last night.

Faith is learning fast. Today she sat for us and also did her “Pretty Please” pose. I love it. My Dog Cedie does that too. It’s so adorable. We didn’t even teach that.

She also went into the little pool I have for the dogs. She was shy at first, but after [my husband] showed her how to get in, she went on her own and got the ball out. 😮

If you would like to help DAISY Foundation with Faith’s journey to a new life, please consider making a donation via PayPal or check (made payable to DAISY Foundation and sent to the address at the bottom of the page). Monies received will be used to offset the cost of her flight to Calgary and her medical expenses. DAISY Foundation is able to do the work it does through the generosity of animal-loving people like yourself.

We need people like you to help us so we can help animals in need like Faith… and others who are on the waiting list. Your support is greatly appreciated.