Family upset over fate of puppy named Charlie

Family upset over fate of puppy named Charlie

On December 13, little Charlie went missing from his home. His family searched frantically for him.

On January 10, we received this email: “I regret to inform you that Charlie was found by CP Rail just a mere block from where he went missing…he passed yesterday…it is unclear how exactly. Some say the train but he was in immaculate condition, and his hair was white and no matts. Just like we last saw him, and he was being fed as he has not lost any weight.”

Charlie was just six months old when he disappeared.

The following letter appeared on The Taber Times today. It’s a letter from Charlie’s “mom” where she is talking to the person believed to have had Charlie for the more than three weeks he was missing from his home. I cannot say how this story breaks my heart. We all expected such a different ending. Everyone with DAISY Foundation extends heartfelt hugs to Charlie’s family.


This is for Charlie, our sweet, loving and innocent puppy taken from us so senselessly. He never got to experience his full puppyhood with his family because of human greed and insensitivity.
You kept him for over three weeks, you kept him clean, you fed him well and were able to see him grow. Then what happened?

Did you feel the heat from all the flyers mailed out and then the Taber newspaper report?
Were your dreams dashed because this little puppy had posters up from British Columbia through Manitoba, so no one would buy him from you?

Or, were you planning on keeping him, but because he was so well known you panicked and did the unthinkable?

If you had used the brains you were born with and simply given him a mud bath or made him really dirty, given his family a call to say you had found him, everyone would have been happy — you, with your large reward and this family for the return of this very precious puppy with no questions asked.

You saw this family and the community out there every day for over three weeks scouring the village for Charlie. You must have been blind and so cold hearted not to have seen the love and devotion they had for him. To keep him from his family was the ultimate in inhumanity.

Your kind of people are a menace to any community, because who else’s pet will be taken next and then discarded so lightly when things don’t go your way? In our hearts, we know your justice will come sooner or later for your cowardly deed.

May Charlie’s memory live with everyone who knew him or of him, and his family, and know we are ever so grateful to all the people who gave of their time, energy and support in search to bring him home.


reprinted from The Taber Times

Has Jersey been stolen? Maybe so…

Has Jersey been stolen? Maybe so…

It’s not going to be a happy New Year for one family unless Jersey returns home. Jersey and her two canine companions woke Colleen up at 2 a.m. on December 28th. She let the three dogs out. In a couple of minutes, she whistled for Oscar, Diva and Jersey. Colleen heard a whistle immediately following her whistle. Colleen whistled again… and once again a whistle followed. She ran back into the house and locked the door. Colleen was afraid to be out there alone at 2 a.m., so she promptly awoke her daughter. When they got to the door, they hollered for the three dogs. Oscar and Diva came back. Jersey did not. She woke her son and the three of them searched the entire area including Airdrie for hours and now days.

There was no evidence of an animal attack…she just disappeared. The whistle is suspicious.

Jersey disappeared from her family's yard on December 28, 2011.

Jersey is in urgent need of her medication. She recently had surgery for an aggressive infection. There were complications with the surgery and Jersey had to have the surgery repeated. If she doesn’t get her medication, Jersey’s life is at risk.

Jersey is a member of a family. She is a 7-month-old brown brindle pit bull. She has more light hairs on her belly. She has stunning coppery brown eyes. She is a slender 18” tall lightweight. She has a slight lumpy mark on the left side of her neck from the surgery. She’s active and loves her family, is timid with strangers but not vicious.

Colleen has a very special eight year old son named Ben. He suffers from 3 major diseases; last of which was a liver transplant. He has recently been treated for a major rejection. When Ben cries, Jersey is there. He doesn’t have many friends because he is “different.” Jersey builds Ben’s confidence and is his best friend and constant companion. Jersey looks out for Ben.

Ben believes Jersey is coming home. He needs his best friend back. Please, if you have seen Jersey or know of her whereabouts, call the D.A.I.S.Y.? Foundation at 403-475-1020. Someone knows where Jersey is.

If you have Jersey’s and want to stay anonymous, you can drop her off at any vet in Airdrie, Crossfield, Carstairs or Calgary North Vet.

Colleen’s children have emptied their piggy banks and pooled their resources. These kids have come up with a $295.00 reward.

If you would like to make a donation to Jersey’s Reward Fund*, please click here and note that you donation is for Jersey’s Reward Fund.

The family is not whole without Jersey.

*Any extra monies received will go to the DAISY Foundation Veterinary Assistance Fund.