Our Mission

Daisy Duke

In memory of Daisy Duke it is our mission:

To advocate for stiffer penalties for animal abusers and to aid in the rescue of abused animals.

To educate the public about the proven link between people who
abuse animals and people who abuse humans.

To humanely reduce the number of abandoned and unwanted animals.

About Us

We are a dedicated group of animal lovers who —

  • Want to see the suffering of animals stop;
  • Are determined to get the animal cruelty laws in Canada changed;
  • Want to make known the link between people abusers and animal abusers as well as the fact that every last serial killer has a background of animal abuse;
  • Want laws enacted that will get puppy mills shut down;
  • Follow animal abuse cases and have delegates at every court case to be the voice for these animals;
  • Are determined to get the government’s attention on how important it is to enact Bill C-229 as this new Bill would eliminate the loopholes in Canada’s current animal cruelty laws and enable judges to give animal abusers the punishments they deserve;
  • Educate children on how to treat animals and teach them that animals have emotions and feelings just as you and I do; and
  • Bring the companionship and friendship of animals to people with special needs as this provides them with the unconditional love and affection an animal can give.

If you are interested in helping DAISY Foundation, we have several areas where your help will be greatly appreciated. Check this page for more information or contact us via our contact form. Be sure to let us know what special skills you may have or what you are most interested in doing.