It’s simply abuse no matter who called for it

It’s simply abuse no matter who called for it

Stone photo from The Stoning of Soraya M.

I recently watched a movie called The Stoning of Soraya M. I have heard of stoning, but I will confess that I never gave it a lot of thought.
When a person is stoned to death, they are buried in the ground so that they cannot run away. Their arms are also buried — or sometimes tied — so they cannot defend themselves from the stones being thrown. The stones are carefully chosen: not so small that they do not cause pain but not so large that they cause death. You see, stoning is supposed to be a long, slow death.

Recently, in Jerusalem, a judge sentenced a DOG to be stoned to death…. by local children.

The dog wandered into a financial court and would not leave. A judge recalled a curse that had been placed on a secular lawyer who insulted the court two decades prior. The curse was that the lawyer would come back as a dog. And therefore this dog that wandered in that courtroom most assuredly must be the cursed lawyer. A court manager told Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot the stoning had been ordered as “as an appropriate way to ‘get back at’ the spirit which entered the poor dog”, according to Ynet.


I believe in reincarnation, but I also believe it is possible that the dog just wandered into the court room. Simple as that. And for that he deserves such a heinous death?

And even beyond this most inhumane method of killing, I am dumbfounded that the stoning would be ordered to be carried out by children. We work so hard with our youth to teach them to respect all life. This includes animals, yet this village wants its children to pick up stones and hurl them at a defenseless dog until he is dead?

I haven’t the words to explain which part of this story is the most upsetting to me. There is absolutely NOTHING in any of it that makes any sense.

The movie I mentioned is a true story. The Iranian village where this happened has tried to deny the incident since the world became aware of it. Since the story has circulated the globe, the judges in Jerusalem are now denying this sentence was ordered. And here’s why this may be true:

According to rabbinic laws there is a lot of criteria to be met before capital punishment is assigned (stoning being one of the harshest methods). The criminal in question must firstly be “of a sound mind,” which a dog could hardly be considered.

There must also be witnesses to the event. What event could the possessed dog, or the lawyer for that matter, have done to deserve death besides being secular—a crime not among the 18 professed crimes in rabbinic law punishable by death? Had the lawyer truly committed one of these crimes in his human state he would have been tried pre-dog transcendence.

What is among the 18 crimes is witchcraft and necromancy—cursing a dead man guilty of being a pest into the body of a dog most certainly falls under these crimes meaning the judge who carried them out is the real perpetrator.

The manager of the court says, “They didn’t issue an official ruling, but ordered the children outside to throw stones at him in order to drive him away. They didn’t think of it as cruelty to animals, but as an appropriate way to ‘get back at’ the spirit which entered the poor dog.”

“An official ruling” is key in capital punishment under any religious or secular law and using stones to drive something away is much different than using stones to kill it. And asking children to take part in the matter seems incredibly irresponsible and quite frankly, unlikely.

reprinted from Death and Taxes magazine

Last I heard, the dog managed to escape.

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Skinned dog found outside Granum

Skinned dog found outside Granum

DOG © Andrii Iurlov |

We received the following email over the weekend. It tells a terrible story that we wish was not true. If you have any information about this dog or other similar animals from the area, please call the RCMP in Claresholm at 403-625-4445 immediately.

I was just with the RCMP from Claresholm on the phone.

My daughter found a dead dog outside of the town of Granum and sent me a picture. It looked like it was very fresh, the skin was missing like somebody had skinned it, very clean cut from neck to buttox. His meat was still red colored, no damage to the body other than the missing skin. Fresh probably from today as coyotes would have found him if he would have been there longer.

The police [were] not able to help me and said the killings in Mirror probably have nothing to do with this dead dog but if another dog shows up dead, they will open an investigation… The dog’s body was found just outside of Stavely East. Black in color, young one if you ask me. Again no injuries to the dog. The picture looked like he had been placed there after being skinned.

My first reaction is that nothing will happen until ANOTHER dog is found in a similar situation? Why is that? Is this crime not heinous enough or concerning enough to warrant an investigation?

When Heather Anderson spoke with RCMP last year about the dog killings in Mirror, the investigating officer asked, So you are telling me that we have a serial dog killer in Mirror? Well, I think the facts from a couple weeks ago bear out the answer quite loudly. YES! You have a serial dog killer in Mirror.

And let’s not forget that research does show a link between this kind of abuse and abuse to humans.

EVERY one of these cases should be investigated BEFORE something worse happens.

If this had been a child or an elderly person found skinned and left by the side of the road, would we have waited for another victim to be found before we started an investigation? If it had been the dog of the mayor or the chief of police or someone else prominent, would we be waiting for the next one?

This seems like a case of JADed justice – i.e., JUST A DOG justice. The value of their life is really no less precious than our own. Life is the only thing that really is ours and it should be respected.

Mirror, AB dogs are again being poisoned

Mirror, AB dogs are again being poisoned


It’s been a year since the poisoning of dogs last was news in Mirror. At that time, approximately 20 dogs were poisoned with a chemical typically used to kill gophers.

Over night last night, 14 dogs died from poisoning.

Calls starting coming in to the RCMP in Bashaw about 9:30 this morning and continued throughout the day. As of early Saturday evening, 13 deaths have been confirmed and a 14th is believed also to have been poisoned. All of the dead dogs were found in fenced-in yards or on their owner’s property.

It is thought that something the dogs ate contained an unknown substance. Toxicology reports from veterinarians to verify the substance are pending.

Please keep an eye on your dog(s) and do not leave them unattended in your yard.

Anyone with information or anyone who believes their dog has been poisoned is urged to call Constable Duek with the RCMP in Bashaw at (780) 372-3793.

Mirror is about 215 kilometres northeast of Calgary and about 66 kilometres East of Red Deer.

Symptoms of dog poisoning

The following are a few of the symptoms of dog poisoning that you can look out for. A lot of these symptoms are quite similar to those in human poisoning, and some of them can be indicative of other conditions and ailments.

  • Irritation or swelling of the mouth and throat
  • Drinking excessive amounts of water
  • Drooling or discharge from the nose
  • Stomach pain or cramps
  • Loss of balance or coordination
  • Change of color in urine
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Tremors, Convulsions or Seizures
  • Respiratory problems
  • Paralysis
  • Erratic heart rate

Some symptoms are extremely specific. For example, rat poison can prevent blood clotting which can mean that small injuries become quite serious, and if ingested it can cause internal bleeding which if not treated quickly enough can lead to death. Sometimes internal bleeding can be diagnosed by blood in the dog’s urine.

What to do if you Suspect Poisoning

If your dog displays any of the symptoms of dog poisoning, you need to seek proper veterinarian treatment as soon as possible. The very first thing to do is call your vet and ask for advice. If your dog has been poisoned, there are things you can do to help, but it depends on exactly what he has eaten. For example, inducing vomiting can help the dog to clear out whatever is causing the problem and a mixture often used for this is made up of a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of milk.

You should never try to induce vomiting in cases of chemical poisoning such as cleaning products or gasoline or if the dog is in a stupor. In these cases trying to make the dog throw up can actually make it worse. Always at least ask your vet before trying something like this. It will be much easier if you know the exact cause, but even if you don’t, the vet will be able to tell you what to do.

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The Cruelty Connection

The Cruelty Connection

Is there a connection between animal cruelty and human violence?

Research has shown that there is a connection between animal abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, bullying and other forms of violence. Intentional animal cruelty or abuse can be a warning sign that an individual has already experienced violence and may be predisposed to committing other crimes such as vandalism, arson, physical assault and even murder. A child who has abused an animal could be the victim of abuse and are at a greater risk of mimicking the abusive behaviour. If it goes unreported….everyone suffers.

What is the connection between animal cruelty and family violence?

Animal cruelty and/or abuse in the family represents a hierarchy of power and control. It is used to manipulate, control and isolate a victim of domestic violence. Pets are generally considered a part of the family and ultimately can share the suffering that occurs when there is violence in the home. The abuser may use violence, or threat of violence against animals, to terrorize, manipulate and control the human victim. Killing or removing the family pet can isolate the person who is being abused. Some victims will stay in destructive relationship due to threats against, or out of concern for, their companion animals. Animals may even be used to perpetrate sexual abuse. There is strong evidence connecting animals’ abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse. This sometimes can even escalate to individuals outside of the family.

Calgary Humane Society Research

The Calgary Humane Society undertook a collaborative study with the YWCA Family Violence Prevention Centre, the Sheriff King Home and with researcher Sue McIntosh that was supported by RESOLVE Alberta. The 2001 study showed a direct connection between family violence and animal abuse in Calgary. It also indicated that animal cruelty may be a warning of future violence.

Here are key study results:

  • 56% of participants reported their abuser had threatened to hurt or kill or had actually hurt or killed a family pet
  • 65% reported their children were aware their pets had been hurt or killed and felt their children had been impacted
  • 25% of participants reported they had delayed their decision to leave their situation out of fear for their pet’s safety
  • 21% reported their abusive partners had abused animals as a child
  • 16% reported concerns their children may have hurt or killed a pet

Without intervention, the cycle of violence will continue. It’s important to be responsible and take the opportunity to intervene when people or animals are abused end the cycle of violence.

reprinted from Calgary Humane Society

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The Animal Cruelty Syndrome, NY Times

Sled dogs of Whistler

Sled dogs of Whistler

The story that broke in January, 2011, where an employee of Outdoor Adventures Whistler recounted how he was ordered to kill 100 sled dogs brought to our attention what a simple commodity sled dogs are. When business is good, their life is essentially assured. But when business declines or never materializes as expected, inventory must be cut.

Citing a post-Olympic slump in bookings of dog-sled tours as their reason, a major tour operator in Whistler has admitted that he ordered the killing of 100 dogs. Looking at your pet, can you imagine the mindset that made that decision; the thinking that concluded that killing them was the necessary action to maintain a bottom line for their business. To hell with the fact that these are living beings who have likely served the business well during the busy season. Too cold for me.

I always wonder: did you ask each and every one of them if they wanted to die?

According to Marcie Moriarty, general manager for cruelty investigations with the BC SPCA, it is actually legal to shoot an animal if it dies instantly. But the report on the sled dogs seems to say that at least some of these dogs did not die instantly. Instead they struggled to flee, to try and climb out of the pile of dead dogs.

Least we be shocked into disbelief by this story, we must not forget the race horses slaughtered once they are past their prime or the MILLIONS of healthy cats and dogs killed in our North American shelters every year often due to bored or unprepared owners who abandon them.

Photos of the victims and links to news articles | Vigil info

Dogs in trouble

Dogs in trouble

We probably hear more stories about cruelty against dogs than any other animal. Why? I don’t know, but the stories are sickening and disheartening.

In one case last year, a man severely beat a dog with a flashlight causing serious injuries to the dog. When authorities arrived to investigate, they found the dog sleeping beside the man who had abused him.

There is something in dogs that remains loyal beyond all reason. It’s as though they see something more in us than we do. Or perhaps it is a naivety in their genes that makes them look up to us.

But any abuse against ANY animal must end. Without stronger laws against animal abuse and cruelty, we find that the current pattern of abuse just continues and even seems to be escalating. There have been links made to show that animal abusers can become abusive to people. It’s a behavior that must be amended as soon as possible.

We must not tolerate abuse on any scale.

If you see abuse, report it! There is no excuse for abuse.