Debbie Andrews, Alleged Negligent NB Pet Owner, Skips Town for Alberta

Debbie Andrews, Alleged Negligent NB Pet Owner, Skips Town for Alberta

NB Negligent Pet Owner in Alberta
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We received the following letter today about a woman from New Brunswick against whom the Crown is expected to issue charges for the deaths of two dogs and a rabbit as well as the abuse of a dehydrated and starved cat who were in her care — at least until she went on vacation out of the country. Seems that maybe her vacation meant more to her than her responsibilities as a pet owner.

I have attached a news article from Friday’s paper about a woman who left New Brunswick to avoid being charged with animal abuse. She was living in Harvey Station, I believe it’s just outside of Fredericton.

Before she went on holidays to the Dominican Republic with her ten year old son, one of her dogs died. She just threw it in a garbage bag and left it in her back porch.  She then went on holidays for TWO WEEKS and left behind a small black dog, a cat and a rabbit with no food or water. After six days the neighbours checked on her house since they didn’t see any activity and discovered the dog dead laying on the kitchen floor. They immediately called the RCMP who also found the rabbit dead left in a cage in the barn. Thankfully the cat survived, although just barely.

When she finally returned from her holidays she obviously found out she was wanted by the RCMP so she skipped town within hours of her return and moved to Alberta.

Not only does she think she got away with murder by moving away, what kind of message does this send to her ten year old son!!!

Just thought you might like to know you have another deadbeat animal abuser in Alberta and it will only be a matter of time before her son becomes an abuser as well.


And please share this information with all the rescue groups/shelters you know.

Hell no! We won’t go!

Hell no! We won’t go!

While the sight of these magnificent animals and the pagentry that goes into every act is incredible, what is the cost to these animals just for our entertainment?

In a recent interview, Louis Leonard, Director of Cirque Estival, said that during the nearly 3-month 70-show tour, Limba the elephant (who was snared as a baby and enslaved for the past 40+ years) performs for about 7 minutes of each show.

The majority of elephants used in circuses are captured in the wild as babies. In 2000, poachers killed 60 free-roaming female elephants so that their babies could be collected and sold to the entertainment industry. The still-nursing elephants, all under the age of 3, refused to abandon their dead mothers, even attempting to suckle from their corpses.

Baby elephants born in breeding farms are torn from their mothers, tied with ropes, and kept in isolation until they learn to fear their trainers.

Elephant and child

One study of traveling circuses observed an elephant who spent up to 96 percent of her time in chains. The circus deprives animals of their basic needs to exercise, roam, socialize, forage, and play.

Repetitive and often destructive behaviors such as obsessive swaying, bobbing, chewing, sucking, weaving, rocking, and licking are common in circus animals, and are manifestations of their extreme stress and boredom.

Abusive training techniques, lack of socialization and other stimuli, and constant confinement often causes animals to become so stressed that they become dangerous, lashing out at trainers and spectators. Deaths and injuries from such incidents are not uncommon.

In the wild, elephants don’t balance themselves on three legs atop a stool while twirling hula-hoops around their trunks and legs.

That’s for our entertainment.

Surely you do not support this abusive treatment of animals. Surely this is not what you want your children to learn. And surely this is not worth spending your money on to support.

Ask your community to join the list of other Canadian communities that now ban animal acts.

Speak up against animal circuses. Speak up for the animals.

Choose one or more of the suggestions below to help:
  1. Call your City or Municipal Hall and find out if Council is considering a by-law to ban circuses that have performing wild or exotic animals.
  2. Fax a letter to your mayor expressing your concern about the community supporting acts that abuse animals. Copy your letter to the SPCA or local humane group.
  3. Write a similar letter to the media. Don’t hesitate to send your letter to the editor of both daily and community papers expressing your point of view.
  4. Join or start a committee, perhaps working with the SPCA or local humane group, whose goal is to implement a campaign to convince Council to adopt a by-law against the use of wild/exotic animals in performing venues.
  5. Don’t attend a circus with performing animals – only attend animal-free circuses.

Sample Letter

(Today’s Date)

(Name, title and address of recipient)

Dear (full name and title of recipient),

I would like to bring to your attention to the plight of circus animals forced to perform in (insert name of your community) and request that you enact a ban of animal acts in entertainment as soon as possible.

Animals used in circuses endure appalling conditions for the duration of their lives. Training methods used on these wild and exotic animals include beating, electric shock, food and water deprivation, and chaining. Performing animals travel for up to 50 weeks of the year, often in unheated and unventilated trucks. Denied social interaction, exercise, and freedom, these majestic animals endure tremendous suffering in the name of frivolous entertainment.

As a result, circus animals can pose a serious threat to public safety. These wild animals often rebel from the miserable conditions under which they are forced to live, and in the past ten years alone, over 220 people have been killed or seriously injured by rampaging elephants in circuses and zoos.

There are many ways for us to teach our children about wild animals. Removing elephants, tigers and bears etc. from their natural environment and forcing them to perform unnatural, often painful, tricks while in captivity is not one of them.
I appreciate your consideration of this important issue. For the sake of the animals, and the safety of your constituents, I sincerely hope that you will choose to ban animal acts in entertainment in ( insert name of your community).

Please let me know what you plan to do about this important issue.

Sincerely yours,
(Your name, address and phone #)

Sentencing for man who beat Pomeranian to death

Sentencing for man who beat Pomeranian to death


The D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation wants everyone to be aware that tomorrow, March 1, at 9 am Derrick Collin Anderson will be in Calgary Provincial Court. He has been charged with beating a Pomeranian puppy to death and will be sentenced tomorrow.

Once again the D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation wants to thank you, the media, for making the public aware and for your continued support in our mission to change the laws to impose stricter penalties on those who choose to commit crimes of cruelty on animals.

Family upset over fate of puppy named Charlie

Family upset over fate of puppy named Charlie

On December 13, little Charlie went missing from his home. His family searched frantically for him.

On January 10, we received this email: “I regret to inform you that Charlie was found by CP Rail just a mere block from where he went missing…he passed yesterday…it is unclear how exactly. Some say the train but he was in immaculate condition, and his hair was white and no matts. Just like we last saw him, and he was being fed as he has not lost any weight.”

Charlie was just six months old when he disappeared.

The following letter appeared on The Taber Times today. It’s a letter from Charlie’s “mom” where she is talking to the person believed to have had Charlie for the more than three weeks he was missing from his home. I cannot say how this story breaks my heart. We all expected such a different ending. Everyone with DAISY Foundation extends heartfelt hugs to Charlie’s family.


This is for Charlie, our sweet, loving and innocent puppy taken from us so senselessly. He never got to experience his full puppyhood with his family because of human greed and insensitivity.
You kept him for over three weeks, you kept him clean, you fed him well and were able to see him grow. Then what happened?

Did you feel the heat from all the flyers mailed out and then the Taber newspaper report?
Were your dreams dashed because this little puppy had posters up from British Columbia through Manitoba, so no one would buy him from you?

Or, were you planning on keeping him, but because he was so well known you panicked and did the unthinkable?

If you had used the brains you were born with and simply given him a mud bath or made him really dirty, given his family a call to say you had found him, everyone would have been happy — you, with your large reward and this family for the return of this very precious puppy with no questions asked.

You saw this family and the community out there every day for over three weeks scouring the village for Charlie. You must have been blind and so cold hearted not to have seen the love and devotion they had for him. To keep him from his family was the ultimate in inhumanity.

Your kind of people are a menace to any community, because who else’s pet will be taken next and then discarded so lightly when things don’t go your way? In our hearts, we know your justice will come sooner or later for your cowardly deed.

May Charlie’s memory live with everyone who knew him or of him, and his family, and know we are ever so grateful to all the people who gave of their time, energy and support in search to bring him home.


reprinted from The Taber Times

Has Jersey been stolen? Maybe so…

Has Jersey been stolen? Maybe so…

It’s not going to be a happy New Year for one family unless Jersey returns home. Jersey and her two canine companions woke Colleen up at 2 a.m. on December 28th. She let the three dogs out. In a couple of minutes, she whistled for Oscar, Diva and Jersey. Colleen heard a whistle immediately following her whistle. Colleen whistled again… and once again a whistle followed. She ran back into the house and locked the door. Colleen was afraid to be out there alone at 2 a.m., so she promptly awoke her daughter. When they got to the door, they hollered for the three dogs. Oscar and Diva came back. Jersey did not. She woke her son and the three of them searched the entire area including Airdrie for hours and now days.

There was no evidence of an animal attack…she just disappeared. The whistle is suspicious.

Jersey disappeared from her family's yard on December 28, 2011.

Jersey is in urgent need of her medication. She recently had surgery for an aggressive infection. There were complications with the surgery and Jersey had to have the surgery repeated. If she doesn’t get her medication, Jersey’s life is at risk.

Jersey is a member of a family. She is a 7-month-old brown brindle pit bull. She has more light hairs on her belly. She has stunning coppery brown eyes. She is a slender 18” tall lightweight. She has a slight lumpy mark on the left side of her neck from the surgery. She’s active and loves her family, is timid with strangers but not vicious.

Colleen has a very special eight year old son named Ben. He suffers from 3 major diseases; last of which was a liver transplant. He has recently been treated for a major rejection. When Ben cries, Jersey is there. He doesn’t have many friends because he is “different.” Jersey builds Ben’s confidence and is his best friend and constant companion. Jersey looks out for Ben.

Ben believes Jersey is coming home. He needs his best friend back. Please, if you have seen Jersey or know of her whereabouts, call the D.A.I.S.Y.? Foundation at 403-475-1020. Someone knows where Jersey is.

If you have Jersey’s and want to stay anonymous, you can drop her off at any vet in Airdrie, Crossfield, Carstairs or Calgary North Vet.

Colleen’s children have emptied their piggy banks and pooled their resources. These kids have come up with a $295.00 reward.

If you would like to make a donation to Jersey’s Reward Fund*, please click here and note that you donation is for Jersey’s Reward Fund.

The family is not whole without Jersey.

*Any extra monies received will go to the DAISY Foundation Veterinary Assistance Fund.

Duke has found his new home!

Duke has found his new home!

Duke, the Chihuahua

Remember Duke, the little Chihuahua who was abducted by a coyote, but managed to drag himself back home despite his injuries? Who was later abducted by a hawk, but again survived?

Yes, THAT Duke.

He has a new home!

When Carol Gallant first told his story and said that he was looking for a new home, I immediately had the feeling that DAISY Foundation founder, Heather Anderson, would be the perfect match for him. I felt it in my gut and in my heart. But knowing that Heather already has a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds and reptiles, I decided it would be best to see if they would find each other.

So we created a blog post and spread the word about Duke. We received offers from far and near, but for one reason or another, they did not work out.

About a month later, we were working on our plans for the 4th Annual DAISY Foundation Fundraiser. Because it was being held at the community center, we thought we would invite Duke. Perhaps if people could see him in person, they might be interested in him or know someone who was. And that’s exactly what happened when Heather and Duke met — Heather with her cane and Duke with his cart. A match made in heaven!

A reporter recently interviewed the two of them at Heather’s house and filed this article. He also shot a video so everyone can meet Duke, aka Mr. Hot Wheels! As you can see in the video, not much slows this boy down!

Congratulations to Heather and Duke. I KNEW you would find each other!

And a special thanks to Carol for stepping up for this little man!

Pooch on wheels finds new Calgary home


Previously down on his luck, a resilient pup has rolled his way into a new Calgary home … and the heart of his new owner.

Known as Duke, the two-year-old Chihuahua has endured attacks by both a coyote and hawk, suffering extensive injuries that left his back two legs unusable.

Unable to afford pricey vet bills, his owners in Lacombe outfitted Duke with a set of wheels to replace his back two legs, but quickly realized they would no longer be able to give him enough care and attention.

Luckily, Calgary’s Heather Anderson, founder of animal rights advocacy group The Daisy Foundation, has come to the rescue.

Duke moved into Anderson’s humble abode earlier this month and has quickly made friends with a canine named Colt, who lost a leg as result of a gunshot wound.

“He’s got this spirit you wouldn’t believe,” Anderson said. “He’s incredible. I truly believe he has come into my life for a reason.”

Duke’s previous owner, Valerie Parish, spent months searching for a new home for him with the help of a complete stranger and Good Samaritan, Edmonton’s Carol Gallant.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Parish said of Duke’s new abode. “It was a long road but knowing where he went has made it all worthwhile.”

reprinted from MetroNews Calgary

“DAISY for Pekoe” Night

“DAISY for Pekoe” Night

Why Are We Coming Together?


A fundraising event in partnership with the DAISY Foundation, with immediate funds going to Pekoe’s family.

Pekoe was rescued after being found tied to a tree in the NWT, and is now in need of a double hip replacement surgery. She is a sweet girl with a loving family and they require a little help from the community to get her the care she needs.

Any funds raised beyond the vet costs, will go directly to the DAISY foundation – who not only lend a voice to animals who are mistreated, but provide families with the funds they may need to pay their costly vet bills.

All volunteer based, they do what they can to take on every case. However, they rely on the positive and generous support from the community to continue their efforts.

What’s The Thick on the Event?

The event will be fantastic, featuring some of Calgary’s finest talent! The performers offer an awesome variety in music from folk and indie, to hip hop and soul. We are lucky to have so many great acts donating their time. Some have recorded albums, appeared on Canadian Idol, created and produced tracks for local artists, headline their own shows around town and more! So, there will be no shortage of entertainment!

Auburn Saloon – located near the base of the Calgary Tower – has given us the space for the evening and opened their bar and kitchen up for guests convenience. (Limited selection of complimentary finger foods will be provided. Additional ordering is not included in ticket price)

There will be a silent auction and plenty of prizes and treats to look forward to!
Participating organizations will be in attendance, providing further information about what they do. I’m sure they’ll leave us all with something to think about!

All in all, it will be a fantastic night with friends and family and a great way to help a family in need. If it was any of us, we would want the support, so please do your best to give some!
Grab a friend – or many – stay all night or swing by while you can. Have dinner with us or enjoy a drink and the auction…it is ALL great and will count hugely.

Now Give Me the Skinny

Sunday November 20th, 2011
Auburn Saloon (Base of the Calgary Tower)
163- 9 Ave SE, Calgary AB
6:30pm – 10:30pm

Musical Performances
Food & Drinks
Prizes ~ Silent Auction
Special Guests

Performances By:
Paige Laloge
Justine Tyrell
The Waking Eyes
J Naz
Natty Styles
Omar and the Bear

Tickets are $15.00 and all ages are welcome!
(Selection of complimentary finger foods. Additional meals and beverages not included)

Who’s Behind This Event?

This event is a collective volunteer effort beween the DAISY Foundation, a local event designer and volunteers, and Pekoe’s family.

Her family has been working hard to rally support with media, community groups and individuals taking notice and wanting to help. In fact, you may have already heard of Pekoe’s story in the news or through friends!

Pekoe is a one and a half year old Husky, who is full of spunk and happiness. She has overcome so much already and is ready to focus on just being a playful puppy. Her loving family has worked very hard to get her the help she needs, and unfortunately that help doesn’t come cheap.
That’s where Calgary’s support comes in!

Pekoe just recently got her own Facebook page, where you may follow her progress and see the link for her online donation page.
You can find her @ Pekoe’s Page

The DAISY Foundation is an incredible volunteer based group, working to end the inhumane suffering of animals. This includes advocating for stiffer animal abuse penalties, providing financial support to those struggling to cover the cost of much-needed veterinary treatment and helping to reduce the number of abused and abandoned animals. They are great and in this case, Pekoe requires a lot of support. So, DAISY and friends collaborated to come up with this fundraising solution. Planned and executed by local event designer and volunteers and fueled great talent and industry partners, the support has been great thus far! Above all else, the most important people behind the event will be the GUESTS!! So please come show your support for this great cause.

To check out the Auburn Saloon, please visit:

How Else Can I Help?

Would you or your business like to be a part of the event? We are accepting donations for silent auction items, looking for dessert sponsors (cupcakes, treats etc.) and welcome event volunteers! We would LOVE your participation. Please contact us if interested!
(Silent auction items may also include services!)

Leave us a post and we will get back to you

Email: and myself or another representative will be in touch
Phone: (403) 680-1545

Thank you everyone! Please feel free to share this page and add others who may be interested!

Save-the-date for our Fundraiser!!!

Save-the-date for our Fundraiser!!!

Join us at Pineridge Community Center,
6024 Rundlehorn Dr NE

Help us spread the word! Print a poster and hang it up somewhere where people will see it! They come in two sizes!

Paralysis doesn’t slow Duke down; <br />all he needs now is a home!

Paralysis doesn’t slow Duke down;
all he needs now is a home!

UPDATE: Duke has found a new home — with Heather, founder of DAISY Foundation 🙂

When I think of a dog named Duke, I think of a big dog; 60 pounds or so. But in this case, this Duke is a tiny mite with a big personality.

Duke, the Chihuahua

Meet DUKE! The little Chihuahua with the big heart!

Duke used to live out in the country where he had a doggy door so he could go outside as needed. One day last summer, his owner found him laying on the doorstep unable to move. His vet believes that Duke was attacked by a coyote; that he was given the “death shake” that injured his spine. But somehow Duke managed to get away and make it home before the swelling to his spine made that impossible.

Now Duke gets around via his fancy “wheels.” According to his owner, “The [cart] he has is super light and works wonderful. I think you will be surprised as to how well it works. He can run in it; he can go through most terrain.”

Circumstances are such now that Duke’s family is looking for a new home for him: “I am so sad that we can not keep him, it breaks my heart, but it isn’t fair to him not to have someone who can change his diapers regularly and care for him properly.”

Will you help Duke?

A little about Duke

  • Duke is 2 yrs old;
  • He gets along well with other dogs/cats but does not do well with young children;
  • He loves to play with stuffed toys that have long dangly arms;
  • He walks around well with his cart, but he tires easily;
  • He can stand on his own for a few moments, but his legs are very wobbly;
  • He sleeps in a kennel at night with blankets as he has no control over his bodily functions (pee & poo);
  • He has to wear a diaper 24/7 and that needs to be changed regularly — like you would a human baby;
  • He barks and plays like other dogs;
  • He does not travel well in a kennel, and when he is on your lap in the car, he shakes and pants alot;
  • He cannot be left outside unattended as the hawks will get him. They can sense he is injured. This already happened once before with owner (thank god the hawk didn’t get him).
Here’s the letter from Duke’s owner:

We used to live in the country.

We had a doggy door which they used all the time. One day he was attacked by a coyote and  I found Duke on the door step. He was not able to move.

The Vet figured he was given the death shake and it broke his back. He was still able to run away but as he stopped, the cord began to swell. The vet gave us the option to take him to Calgary where they could have exposed his cord to relieve the pressure. He would have had a 50/50 shot of recovering completely. The procedure was $5000 and with all the other tests and stay, it could have been up to $10.000 which we just didn’t have.

So the vet did keep him for 3 days, gave him pain killers and iv fluid, xrays, etc, etc.

The [cart] he has is super light and works wonderful. I think you will be surprised as to how well it works. He can run in it, he can go through most terrain. I personally don’t think he needs a new one.

We looked at the professional ones to get the basic pattern. It took my husband and my brother-in-law (who is a welder) 3 days to finally get it right. I have a seamstress who made all of his supplies including [the supplies] for his cart. His supplies cost over $500.00. They are starting to wear so probably in the next year he will need some of them replaced.

I am so sad that we can not keep him, it breaks my heart, but it isn’t fair to him not to have someone who can change his diapers regularly and care for him properly.

Can you take him?

Thank you.

We are looking for a forever home for Duke. Sometimes it takes a little longer with a “special needs” dog, so we are asking you to help us. If you are interested in knowing more about Duke, please email Carol or message her on Facebook.

If you are unable to adopt him, please share Duke’s story with your friends and family. There is a home out there for him and it may even be there with someone you know.

So, please help this little mite with the big heart out… SHARE his story.

Faith comes to Calgary

Faith comes to Calgary

Faith is a Pit Bull who had the misfortune of living in Ontario where dogs like her are, by law, not allowed. She is one of the many Pit Bull-type dogs that are discriminated against based simply on the way she looks: square head and muscular build.

Flying out of Hamilton on Thursday afternoon, Faith arrived in Calgary that evening where she was met at the airport by DAISY Foundation founder, Heather Anderson and Faith’s overnight foster family. On Friday, they set out for BC to visit a woman who was interested in adopting Faith into her extended family of cats, dogs, goats and horses on some acreage in the countryside.

Upon arrival, Faith greeted the woman with a smothering of kisses — this is Faith’s trademark behavior: kisses. She loves people and wants to please them. However, when she was introduced to the other dogs, there was tension. Faith showed aggression towards them. One stood up to her and the two had to be separated. This was decidedly not the best situation for anyone.

So Friday afternoon, Faith returned to Calgary. She is in foster care with a wonderful and caring couple who are familiar with Pit Bulls.

Today, Faith is getting spayed. Once recovered, she will be meeting with a trainer so we can determine the best route to take with her. It seems she has had little training in her life, yet she so wants to learn. And she is a very smart girl. I received this note from Faith’s foster mom last night.

Faith is learning fast. Today she sat for us and also did her “Pretty Please” pose. I love it. My Dog Cedie does that too. It’s so adorable. We didn’t even teach that.

She also went into the little pool I have for the dogs. She was shy at first, but after [my husband] showed her how to get in, she went on her own and got the ball out. 😮

If you would like to help DAISY Foundation with Faith’s journey to a new life, please consider making a donation via PayPal or check (made payable to DAISY Foundation and sent to the address at the bottom of the page). Monies received will be used to offset the cost of her flight to Calgary and her medical expenses. DAISY Foundation is able to do the work it does through the generosity of animal-loving people like yourself.

We need people like you to help us so we can help animals in need like Faith… and others who are on the waiting list. Your support is greatly appreciated.