Save-the-date for our 2012 Fundraiser!!!

Save-the-date for our 2012 Fundraiser!!!

Join us at Pineridge Community Center,
6024 Rundlehorn Dr NE
December 7, 2012 • 7 pm – midnight

Help us spread the word! Print a poster and hang it up somewhere where people will see it! They come in two sizes!

“DAISY for Pekoe” Night

“DAISY for Pekoe” Night

Why Are We Coming Together?


A fundraising event in partnership with the DAISY Foundation, with immediate funds going to Pekoe’s family.

Pekoe was rescued after being found tied to a tree in the NWT, and is now in need of a double hip replacement surgery. She is a sweet girl with a loving family and they require a little help from the community to get her the care she needs.

Any funds raised beyond the vet costs, will go directly to the DAISY foundation – who not only lend a voice to animals who are mistreated, but provide families with the funds they may need to pay their costly vet bills.

All volunteer based, they do what they can to take on every case. However, they rely on the positive and generous support from the community to continue their efforts.

What’s The Thick on the Event?

The event will be fantastic, featuring some of Calgary’s finest talent! The performers offer an awesome variety in music from folk and indie, to hip hop and soul. We are lucky to have so many great acts donating their time. Some have recorded albums, appeared on Canadian Idol, created and produced tracks for local artists, headline their own shows around town and more! So, there will be no shortage of entertainment!

Auburn Saloon – located near the base of the Calgary Tower – has given us the space for the evening and opened their bar and kitchen up for guests convenience. (Limited selection of complimentary finger foods will be provided. Additional ordering is not included in ticket price)

There will be a silent auction and plenty of prizes and treats to look forward to!
Participating organizations will be in attendance, providing further information about what they do. I’m sure they’ll leave us all with something to think about!

All in all, it will be a fantastic night with friends and family and a great way to help a family in need. If it was any of us, we would want the support, so please do your best to give some!
Grab a friend – or many – stay all night or swing by while you can. Have dinner with us or enjoy a drink and the auction…it is ALL great and will count hugely.

Now Give Me the Skinny

Sunday November 20th, 2011
Auburn Saloon (Base of the Calgary Tower)
163- 9 Ave SE, Calgary AB
6:30pm – 10:30pm

Musical Performances
Food & Drinks
Prizes ~ Silent Auction
Special Guests

Performances By:
Paige Laloge
Justine Tyrell
The Waking Eyes
J Naz
Natty Styles
Omar and the Bear

Tickets are $15.00 and all ages are welcome!
(Selection of complimentary finger foods. Additional meals and beverages not included)

Who’s Behind This Event?

This event is a collective volunteer effort beween the DAISY Foundation, a local event designer and volunteers, and Pekoe’s family.

Her family has been working hard to rally support with media, community groups and individuals taking notice and wanting to help. In fact, you may have already heard of Pekoe’s story in the news or through friends!

Pekoe is a one and a half year old Husky, who is full of spunk and happiness. She has overcome so much already and is ready to focus on just being a playful puppy. Her loving family has worked very hard to get her the help she needs, and unfortunately that help doesn’t come cheap.
That’s where Calgary’s support comes in!

Pekoe just recently got her own Facebook page, where you may follow her progress and see the link for her online donation page.
You can find her @ Pekoe’s Page

The DAISY Foundation is an incredible volunteer based group, working to end the inhumane suffering of animals. This includes advocating for stiffer animal abuse penalties, providing financial support to those struggling to cover the cost of much-needed veterinary treatment and helping to reduce the number of abused and abandoned animals. They are great and in this case, Pekoe requires a lot of support. So, DAISY and friends collaborated to come up with this fundraising solution. Planned and executed by local event designer and volunteers and fueled great talent and industry partners, the support has been great thus far! Above all else, the most important people behind the event will be the GUESTS!! So please come show your support for this great cause.

To check out the Auburn Saloon, please visit:

How Else Can I Help?

Would you or your business like to be a part of the event? We are accepting donations for silent auction items, looking for dessert sponsors (cupcakes, treats etc.) and welcome event volunteers! We would LOVE your participation. Please contact us if interested!
(Silent auction items may also include services!)

Leave us a post and we will get back to you

Email: and myself or another representative will be in touch
Phone: (403) 680-1545

Thank you everyone! Please feel free to share this page and add others who may be interested!

Save-the-date for our Fundraiser!!!

Save-the-date for our Fundraiser!!!

Join us at Pineridge Community Center,
6024 Rundlehorn Dr NE

Help us spread the word! Print a poster and hang it up somewhere where people will see it! They come in two sizes!

Faith comes to Calgary

Faith comes to Calgary

Faith is a Pit Bull who had the misfortune of living in Ontario where dogs like her are, by law, not allowed. She is one of the many Pit Bull-type dogs that are discriminated against based simply on the way she looks: square head and muscular build.

Flying out of Hamilton on Thursday afternoon, Faith arrived in Calgary that evening where she was met at the airport by DAISY Foundation founder, Heather Anderson and Faith’s overnight foster family. On Friday, they set out for BC to visit a woman who was interested in adopting Faith into her extended family of cats, dogs, goats and horses on some acreage in the countryside.

Upon arrival, Faith greeted the woman with a smothering of kisses — this is Faith’s trademark behavior: kisses. She loves people and wants to please them. However, when she was introduced to the other dogs, there was tension. Faith showed aggression towards them. One stood up to her and the two had to be separated. This was decidedly not the best situation for anyone.

So Friday afternoon, Faith returned to Calgary. She is in foster care with a wonderful and caring couple who are familiar with Pit Bulls.

Today, Faith is getting spayed. Once recovered, she will be meeting with a trainer so we can determine the best route to take with her. It seems she has had little training in her life, yet she so wants to learn. And she is a very smart girl. I received this note from Faith’s foster mom last night.

Faith is learning fast. Today she sat for us and also did her “Pretty Please” pose. I love it. My Dog Cedie does that too. It’s so adorable. We didn’t even teach that.

She also went into the little pool I have for the dogs. She was shy at first, but after [my husband] showed her how to get in, she went on her own and got the ball out. 😮

If you would like to help DAISY Foundation with Faith’s journey to a new life, please consider making a donation via PayPal or check (made payable to DAISY Foundation and sent to the address at the bottom of the page). Monies received will be used to offset the cost of her flight to Calgary and her medical expenses. DAISY Foundation is able to do the work it does through the generosity of animal-loving people like yourself.

We need people like you to help us so we can help animals in need like Faith… and others who are on the waiting list. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Red Deer joins the sled dog vigil with a memorial walk

Red Deer joins the sled dog vigil with a memorial walk

Sled dog memorial walk in Red DeerWe just received word that folks in Red Deer, Alberta will be holding a memorial walk on April 23, 2011 for the sled dogs killed in Whistler. This event is being put on by Candice and 2 friends.

Here’s what she said. “In February, we held a walk and got great support, however it was also -33. So, on April 23rd we are holding the walk again: 2 pm-3:30.”

“We are starting at Bower Ponds, then walking up and around City Hall, to get the most exposure as possible. Either our facebook page or is what we will be using for contact information.”

From their Facebook page:

In response to the out pour of support from the community and dog lovers alike. A follow up memorial walk is being planned for the anniversary date of the slaughtering of 100 healthy sled dogs in Whistler, B.C. We welcome everyone, their families, and their pets to join us in April (hopefully much warmer then the walk in February :). To honor these animals, and other animals that have been abused, beat, or tortured. Bring your signs, and sign the petition in support of Bill-C 229. I encourage everyone to check out . Especially S-203 vs. C-229, as it clearly illustrates the current loopholes in Canada animal cruelty legislation. And As mentioned this is very much still in the planning stage and we encourage those who are interested in helping plan, or have ideas or suggestions to contact

So glad to add them to the event calendar… and we are so happy to hear from Red Deer!

April 23rd Vigil for the lost lives of 100 Sled Dogs

April 23rd Vigil for the lost lives of 100 Sled Dogs

April 23rd vigil for the Sled dogs of WhistlerWe are a movement that has spread across Canada and other parts of the globe to not only honor the sled dogs on the anniversary of their death, but to also bring awareness and opportunity for legislative change.

We hope for 100 cities, 1 for each sled dog executed!

In Canada, at each city, petitions for Mark Holland’s Bill C-229 will be signed in an effort to advance laws that will provide greater stronger animal cruelty legislation. Our goal is 1 million signatures!

We can make a difference but only as a united front!

Come join us and organize a Vigil on April 23rd in your community now!

More info regarding the vigils

Important! If you have any questions not covered by the notes below, please send an email to

1. If you are interested in seeing if a city has a vigil planned already, and would like more info, to attend or to help, please go to this link, or send an email to Crystal or Julia at , or comment on this page.

2. If you would like information on how to hold a Vigil, please see this note.

3. If you would like information on how to do a Guerrilla walk (a spontaneous gathering or for those who are having trouble obtaining permits, etc. if so required by your city), please see this note.

4. If you would like to have a history on the Sled Dog Massacre, and why we are holding these vigils, please see this note. It contains news links and other pertinent information about Canadian Animal Cruelty Legislation. Some information is graphic, so please be prepared.

5. If you would like information on Bill C-229 Animal Cruelty Legislation, please see this note.

If you would like to see anything else not covered by these links, or would like to see all the notes we have, please go here: all Vigil Notes