Red Deer joins the sled dog vigil with a memorial walk

Sled dog memorial walk in Red DeerWe just received word that folks in Red Deer, Alberta will be holding a memorial walk on April 23, 2011 for the sled dogs killed in Whistler. This event is being put on by Candice and 2 friends.

Here’s what she said. “In February, we held a walk and got great support, however it was also -33. So, on April 23rd we are holding the walk again: 2 pm-3:30.”

“We are starting at Bower Ponds, then walking up and around City Hall, to get the most exposure as possible. Either our facebook page or is what we will be using for contact information.”

From their Facebook page:

In response to the out pour of support from the community and dog lovers alike. A follow up memorial walk is being planned for the anniversary date of the slaughtering of 100 healthy sled dogs in Whistler, B.C. We welcome everyone, their families, and their pets to join us in April (hopefully much warmer then the walk in February :). To honor these animals, and other animals that have been abused, beat, or tortured. Bring your signs, and sign the petition in support of Bill-C 229. I encourage everyone to check out . Especially S-203 vs. C-229, as it clearly illustrates the current loopholes in Canada animal cruelty legislation. And As mentioned this is very much still in the planning stage and we encourage those who are interested in helping plan, or have ideas or suggestions to contact

So glad to add them to the event calendar… and we are so happy to hear from Red Deer!

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