Court Cases

The following are reprints of articles regarding local animal abuse/cruelty cases that have made the news in the Calgary area. DAISY Foundation has members in attendance at every case. We are the voice for the voiceless victims in these animal abuse cases. We support stiffer penalties for animal abuse and cruelty. The laws in Canada regarding animal welfare have not been significantly amended in 100 years.

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  • Heather’s Day in Court: Tomorrow! April 28, 2015
    We all know that Heather’s conscience would not allow her to give the puppy to someone she thought would be unable to care for her, especially a special needs puppy.
  • Habermehl sentencing… at last? July 24, 2013
    Press Release | JuLY 24, 2013 The D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation wants the press to be aware that on Thursday, July 25th at 2:00 pm, Robert Habermehl will be in Calgary court for sentencing (unless Mr. Habermehl has another “heart attack”). Habermehl was charged on November 27, 2009 for physical abuse after a cat in his care, Minnie, was ...
  • Standing up against animal abuse January 24, 2013
    We received the following letter written to Judge Marlene Graham after the November 2012 sentencing of Derick Collin Anderson who threw his girlfriend’s 11-week old Pomeranian puppy off a raised balcony and, because he didn’t die from the fall, proceeded to kick the puppy to death. Anderson then placed the puppy’s body in a recycling ...
  • Calgary man who kicked girlfriend’s puppy to death spared jail time November 29, 2012
    Derick Colin Anderson, a 32-year-old Calgary man, who threw his girlfriend’s puppy off a balcony, kicked it to death and sent her photos of the dead pet by text was given a 10-month conditional sentence, a year of probation and 100 hours of community service.
  • No justice for Ben today May 6, 2011
    John McWilliams purposely and negligently set an illegal snare trap in a publicly accessible park that should not have been where it was. And by these actions, he killed Ben. Thirty feet from Lorna, Ben was strangled in such a way that he could not even cry out for help.
  • How false accusations by drug addict, RCMP in Sundre wild horse case destroyed lives April 28, 2011
    Three men charged with the slaying of a wild, pregnant horse near Sundre were completely exonerated in provincial court Wednesday morning. Crown prosecutor Gord Haight told court that new information disclosed by the defence has led him to “withdraw all charges” against Jason Nixon, the general manager at Mountain Aire Lodge, as well as against Earl ...
  • Charges dropped against three men in Alberta wild horse case April 27, 2011
    New evidence showed the mare never was shot, but likely died giving birth or in an accident, and was found dead on the side of the road — about 130 kilometres north of Calgary — by the three men: Jason Nixon, Gary Cape and Earl Anderson.
  • Ben – needlessly killed in an illegal snare trap April 26, 2011
    “Ben was only about 30 feet from me in the bush, and I never heard a thing. The conservation officer said would have instantly closed off his breathing, so he never had the opportunity to call out.”
  • Adjournment in Sundre horse killing case April 6, 2011
    One of three men accused of illegally shooting a feral horse near Sundre in 2009 said Monday he’s confident he will be exonerated. Provincial court Judge Cheryl Daniel agreed to adjourn the trial for the day after the three men’s lawyers and Crown prosecutor Gord Haight discussed new disclosure that was recently turned over from ...
  • Alleged horse killers on trial in Calgary April 5, 2011
    A lot of the wild horse herds in Alberta started turning up shot, left to die brutal, agonizing deaths near the side of the highway, and a lot of Albertans were as outraged as they were heartbroken.
  • Man charged in connection to family dog’s death December 17, 2010
    On November 29th, Ed and Lorna Thomas took their dog Ben for a walk near Elbow Falls. Ben went missing and the couple searched for hours, eventually admitting defeat. The next day, Lorna found him caught in hunters snare trap. He died as a result. A man has been charged with hunting wildlife during a ...
  • Province investigating after snare kills family dog December 6, 2010
    The area near Powderface Trail where a dog was killed by a snare Nov. 30 was closed to trapping at the time, Sustainable Resource Development officials said Monday.
  • Calgary couple’s dog killed in hunters trap in Kananaskis Country December 6, 2010
    For the past three years, Lorna and Ed Thomas have been walking in the woods near Elbow Falls with their Alaskan malamute Ben in tow. However, they’re trio is now one short after what was supposed to be a relaxing day spent in the country. “He was strangled in a steel cable and my husband ...
  • Woman allowed injured cat’s leg to fall off October 26, 2010
    Leaving her elderly cat’s broken leg untreated for months, until it became gangrenous and fell off, has landed a Calgary woman a $2,000 fine. And provincial court Judge Bruce Millar on Thursday also slapped Marlene Payne with a lifetime ban on owning pets, despite a Crown request for only a five-year prohibition.
  • Dog owner jailed for animal cruelty September 29, 2010
    A pet owner is going to jail for 30 days after flying into an uncontrollable rage when he returned home to find his seven-month-old German shepherd had damaged some furniture. “What started out as disciplining the dog turned into physical abuse,” Crown prosecutor Gord Haight told court Tuesday after Thomas James Norman, 23, pleaded guilty ...
  • Fine in cat killing August 4, 2010
    Delivering a deadly kick to a young cat earned a Calgary man,Darren Ronald Lesy, a fine of $1,800 , community service and a two-year ban on owning animals. But in a joint submission, Darren Ronald Lesy was given an exception to see the golden retriever, named Harley, allowed ...
  • Dog neglect ends in fine July 27, 2010
    Dog owners can’t put personal expenses ahead of their pets, an animal rights group spokeswoman said Wednesday after a Calgary man was fined for neglecting his canine. Heather Anderson of the DAISY Foundation said those who can’t afford pets should turn them over to the Humane Society instead of letting them suffer. Anderson’s comment came ...
  • House arrest for beating dog June 16, 2010
    Bashing his dog in the head with a flashlight, which led to the animal losing an eye, has landed a Calgary man nine months of house arrest. Provincial court Judge Bruce Fraser on Tuesday said Donald James Ainsworth poses no danger to the public, so a conditional sentence was warranted. Fraser said barring Ainsworth from ...
  • Feces led owner to fatally kick cat May 21, 2010
    Anger over his cat’s inability to control its bowels led a Calgary man to fatally kick the feline, a court heard Monday. Crown prosecutor Richelle Freiheit said Darren Ronald Lesy kicked his and his girlfriend’s pet, Sage, two, after bathing the animal the morning of Aug. 27, 2007, and discovering fecal matter on her.
  • No criminal record for Calgary man who beat puppy to death May 7, 2010
    A 21-year-old city man will not have a criminal record for beating a four-month-old husky puppy to death with a piece of wood, if he successfully completes a year of probation. Provincial court Judge Terry Semenuk, in imposing the conditional discharge on Jacob Michael Rabeau on Friday, said although hitting the dog was unnecessary, “the offence ...
  • Woman charged with animal neglect over injured, abandoned Doberman pup May 5, 2010
    Charges have been laid against a woman six months after a Doberman puppy was found critically injured and abandoned in a blood-covered kennel outside a vet hospital. The woman faces one Criminal Code charge of abandonment or wilful neglect of an animal in distress. She has also been charged under the Animal Protection Act of ...
  • Jail time, pet ban for dog abusing wife beater April 19, 2010
    Beating his wife, trying to strangle her dog with a noose and then spitting in a cop’s face has landed a Calgary man a seven-month jail term. But animal rights activists are applauding a secondary part of Bradley Kim Bergman’s punishment — a 10-year order that he have no pets. Provincial court Judge Sean Dunnigan ...
  • Jail urged for dog abuser April 19, 2010
    Blinding his pet dog by whacking it with a flashlight should land a Calgary man up to five months in jail, a prosecutor said Wednesday. But the lawyer for Donald James Ainsworth said her client should be spared any jail, or at worst given a term which can be served on weekends. Defence counsel Andrea ...
  • Dog killer says he wouldn’t do it again March 18, 2010
    Next time Calgary puppy killer Jacob Rabeau will take the bite and spare the dog, his lawyer said Thursday. Defence counsel Willie de Wit said Rabeau overreacted when he clubbed to death a Husky pup that was barking at him, but has learned his lesson.
  • Another name added in wild horse shooting March 1, 2010
    Gary Cope, 35 has been added to the list of those charged with the shooting of a pregnant mare West of Sundre. Earl Anderson, Jason Nixon and a 13 year old boy, who cannot be named under the Young Offenders Act, were charged earlier this year. Jason Nixon has also been charged with uttering threats ...
  • Dog abuse cases jam court February 10, 2010
    Animals rights activists showed up Tuesday at the Calgary Courts Centre as judges dealt with three cases of dog abuse in which animals were hanged, beaten to death and had eyes gouged. “It’s really bad when in one day there are three cases on the court dockets in one city,” Heather Anderson, founder of DAISY (Delegates ...
  • Animal rights group calls for changes in the law February 9, 2010
    Three separate cases involving animal cruelty were before the courts in Calgary on Tuesday. While the cases were going on inside, The Daisy Foundation held a demonstration outside. “As far as the law goes, because this was his property, he’s probably going to get away with it, because of the property law in Canada – that ...
  • Abused puppy case given $9,400 boost November 30, 2009
    The search for the person who savagely beat a three-month-old puppy was thrown a $9,400 treat by a donor furious over the assault. The donation to the animal advocate Daisy Foundation brings the total bounty for information leading to the conviction of the animal abuser to at least $10,500, said the group’s founder, Heather Anderson.
  • Reward offered to solve puppy beating November 14, 2009
    CALGARY HERALD – NOVEMBER 14, 2009 A local foundation is offering a $10,500 reward for information that identifies the person who injured a three-month-old Doberman puppy that was abandoned at the Calgary North Vet Clinic. The pup was discovered covered in blood in the clinic parking lot on Nov. 3. It wasn’t expected ...
  • Beaten puppy found abandoned in Calgary; abuse suspected November 4, 2009
    The Calgary Humane Society suspects animal abuse after an injured pup was left outside a veterinary hospital in a kennel that was covered in blood. The young Doberman was abandoned late Tuesday in the parking lot at the Calgary North Veterinary Hospital. Humane Society spokeswoman Lindsay Jones said the dog’s injuries may be life-threatening.
  • Pay up October 25, 2009
    I don’t cry easily, but this kind of cruelty toward animals brings tears to my eyes. Fifty months of community service (likely only a few hours a year) and a fine of $607 payable to the owner is laughable. Why is the brutal beating of an animal treated so lightly?
  • Calgary-area sheep owner says teen attacker’s sentence too lenient October 22, 2009
    A sentence of probation and community service for a Strathmore teen who attacked a sheep– injuring it to the point it had to be put down–doesn’t fit the crime, says the animal’s owner. The youth, who cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was ordered to perform 50 months of community service and ...