• Veterinarian Greed — The Cause of Death, Neglect and Over-population
    Woman ends up in court — vet refused service In the middle of March, we at the D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation, appeared in court for a case of animal neglect hoping for a strict punishment; only to learn a sad personal story. The owner had cancer when she received this 8 week old puppy. She called her dog ...
  • Habermehl sentencing… at last?
    Press Release | JuLY 24, 2013 The D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation wants the press to be aware that on Thursday, July 25th at 2:00 pm, Robert Habermehl will be in Calgary court for sentencing (unless Mr. Habermehl has another “heart attack”). Habermehl was charged on November 27, 2009 for physical abuse after a cat in his care, Minnie, was ...
  • So what’s next for Habermehl?
    Press Release | June 15, 2013 The D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation wants the press to be aware that on Monday, June 17th at 9:00 a.m., Robert Habermehl will be in Calgary court. Habermehl was charged on November 27, 2009 for physical abuse after a cat in his care, Minnie, was found so severely injured that she had to ...
  • Robert Habermehl to make his arguments about beating Minnie, a cat
    Judge Bruce Fraser convicted Habermehl of a charge of willfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to a cat, after Minnie suffered a blunt trauma injury to her body wall which left her intestines hanging out.
  • Sample Letter to the Judge
    Several people have expressed an interest in writing letters to the judge(s) presiding over animal abuse and cruelty cases, however they do not know what to say.
  • Standing up against animal abuse
    We received the following letter written to Judge Marlene Graham after the November 2012 sentencing of Derick Collin Anderson who threw his girlfriend’s 11-week old Pomeranian puppy off a raised balcony and, because he didn’t die from the fall, proceeded to kick the puppy to death. Anderson then placed the puppy’s body in a recycling ...
  • Calgary man who kicked girlfriend’s puppy to death spared jail time
    Derick Colin Anderson, a 32-year-old Calgary man, who threw his girlfriend’s puppy off a balcony, kicked it to death and sent her photos of the dead pet by text was given a 10-month conditional sentence, a year of probation and 100 hours of community service.
  • The Lone Survivor of Alleged Negligent Pet Owner Adopted
    We have received word that Debbie Andrew’s former cat has been adopted. Having survived near death, he is living in a wonderful new home. Best to you, Harvie!
  • Save-the-date for our 2012 Fundraiser!!!
    The DAISY Foundation 5th Annual Fundraiser is coming up! December 7, 2012 • 7 pm – Midnight Pineridge Community Center Food • Drink • Raffle • Silent Auction • DJ • Santa
  • Outrage that Alleged Negligent Pet Owner Could Avoid Prosecution
    The manager of the Oromocto SPCA wants to see a Canada-wide arrest warrant for Debbie Andrews for her negligence that left two dogs and a rabbit dead and a cat barely alive.
  • Debbie Andrews, Alleged Negligent NB Pet Owner, Skips Town for Alberta
    A New Brunswick woman whose animals died in her Harvey Station home while she was on vacation may never face justice because she fled the province.
  • Hell no! We won’t go!
    The majority of elephants used in circuses are captured in the wild as babies. In 2000, poachers killed 60 free-roaming female elephants so that their babies could be collected and sold to the entertainment industry.
  • Sentencing for man who beat Pomeranian to death
    The D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation wants everyone to be aware that tomorrow, March 1, at 9 am Derrick Collin Anderson will be in Calgary Provincial Court. He has been charged with beating a Pomeranian puppy to death and will be sentenced tomorrow.
  • Family upset over fate of puppy named Charlie
    I regret to inform you that Charlie was found by CP Rail just a mere block from where he went missing…he passed yesterday.
  • Has Jersey been stolen? Maybe so…
    Ben believes Jersey is coming home. He needs his best friend back. Please, if you have seen Jersey, call the D.A.I.S.Y.? Foundation at 403-475-1020. Someone knows where Jersey is.
  • Duke has found his new home!
    Remember Duke, the little Chihuahua who was abducted by a coyote, but managed to drag himself back home despite his injuries? Who was later abducted by a hawk, but again survived?
  • “DAISY for Pekoe” Night
    Pekoe was rescued after being found tied to a tree in the NWT, and is now in need of a double hip replacement surgery. She is a swe…et girl with a loving family and they require a little help from the community to get her the care she needs.
  • Save-the-date for our Fundraiser!!!
    The DAISY Foundation 4th Annual Fundraiser is coming up! November 12, 2011 • 6 pm – Midnight Pineridge Community Center Food • Drink • Raffle • Silent Auction • Door Prizes
  • Paralysis doesn’t slow Duke down;
    all he needs now is a home!
    Duke used to live out in the country where he had a doggy door so he could go outside as needed. One day last summer, his owner found him laying on the doorstep unable to move. His vet believes that Duke was attacked by a coyote.
  • Faith comes to Calgary
    Flying out of Hamilton on Thursday afternoon, Faith arrived in Calgary that evening where she was met at the airport by DAISY Foundation founder, Heather Anderson and Faith’s overnight foster. On Friday, they set out for BC to visit a woman who was interested in adding Faith to her extended family of cats, dogs, goats ...
  • Reflecting on Mirror
    Last I knew, there was to be a town hall meeting in Mirror between residents and officials to discuss the poisoning deaths of 13 dogs and what was going to be done about it. But last I heard, the meeting never happened.
  • It’s simply abuse no matter who called for it
    I am dumbfounded that the stoning would be ordered to be carried out by children. We work so hard with our youth to teach them to respect all life. This includes animals, yet this village wants its children to pick up stones and hurl that at a defenseless dog until he is dead?
  • Have you seen me?
    Ben was last seen on our end driveway talking to a stranger, being fed with a pizza box. Ben is not a wanderer, and is very attached to us, his people. Ben is 108 pounds, and 28 inches tall at the shoulder.
  • Deer in the headlights?
    Her head took most of the hit. She seems to be pretty much deaf, blind and has difficulty standing because of the neurological effects of the accident. She gave birth to twins a few days ago, but both died… probably complications from their mother being hit by a car.
  • Meet Puffy: homeless & FIV+
    UPDATE: Puffy has found a new home! Thanks to the new family! Puffy has been an Ottawa neighborhood cat for about a year now. Neighbors have been feeding him and keeping an eye out for him. However, he was an unneutered male, so, though handsome to the eye, a “baby-maker” nonetheless. And a bit of a ...
  • Why shelters kill animals in their care
    This is a partial list that is being circulating around showing some of the reasons an animal may be killed in one of our kill shelters. In my opinion, it is simply a list of excuses for the purpose of either easing someone’s guilt about taking a life or granting them a pardon for their ...
  • What price for a cat’s life?
    If Sonny’s life was not in immediate danger, then there is no reason at all why he should have been anesthetized that night. Your vet should have fasted him for 12 hours and performed the procedure the following day.
  • Skinned dog found outside Granum
    If this had been a child or an elderly person found skinned and left by the side of the road, would we have waited for another victim to be found before we started an investigation? If it had been the dog of the mayor or the chief of police or someone else prominent, would we ...
  • No justice for Ben today
    John McWilliams purposely and negligently set an illegal snare trap in a publicly accessible park that should not have been where it was. And by these actions, he killed Ben. Thirty feet from Lorna, Ben was strangled in such a way that he could not even cry out for help.
  • Canada’s animal welfare after the 2011 elections
    Change is slow, but I think we are on the path to seeing a new Canada. We have this opportunity now to create better legislation for our animals — companion, wild and farm animals. It is what we have been asking for for years, so let’s not waste it.
  • Mirror, AB dogs are again being poisoned
    Calls started coming in to the Bashaw RCMP about poisoned dogs early Saturday morning. By that evening, there were 13 confirmed dog poisonings in Mirror, Alberta.
  • Ben – needlessly killed in an illegal snare trap
    “Ben was only about 30 feet from me in the bush, and I never heard a thing. The conservation officer said would have instantly closed off his breathing, so he never had the opportunity to call out.”
  • The Story of Ben
    It was about noon by the time we got back to Canyon Creek, and I looked for Ben’s tracks to see which direction he had taken. It wasn’t far from where I last saw him that I found his lifeless body in the trees with a wire snare around his neck. I couldn’t get it ...
  • Calgary vigil held for sled dogs slain in Whistler
    A hundred animal rights supporters held a vigil for the 100 sled dogs that were killed in Whistler one year ago. Standing at Tompkin’s Place on 17 Avenue and 8 Street S.W. on Saturday night, they held signs and circulated petitions for tougher animal cruelty laws in Canada on the anniversary of a slaughter that ...
  • New Democrats weigh in on animal welfare
    Canada’s New Democrats recognize that animal welfare is very important. We support strengthening provisions of the Cruelty to Animals Section of the Criminal Code of Canada to discourage violence and cruelty against animals and to punish those responsible for such acts.
  • Will you vigil for the sled dogs on April 23rd?
    About this time a year ago, someone was sitting in the office of their business and looking over the financials. The expected boom from the recent Olympics had not worked out as expected, so changes had to be made. The easiest and quickest change would be to reduce the number of dogs this sled dog ...
  • Will you Vote for the Animals on May 2nd?
    On May 2nd, Canadians will elect a new government. Animals can’t speak or vote so we must be their voice. Help us send the message that animals matter! Now is the time for us to unite our voices and do right for our animals. Now is the time to speak for them.
  • Red Deer joins the sled dog vigil with a memorial walk
    Red Deer Memorial Walk for the sled dogs of Whistler — In response to the out pour of support from the community and dog lovers alike. A follow up memorial walk is being planned for the anniversary date of the slaughtering of 100 healthy sled dogs in Whistler, B.C. We welcome everyone, their families, and ...
  • UK lawyer responds to B.C.’s new animal protection legislation
    In a letter to Sarah West, Founder and President of CFAWR — Canadians For Animal Welfare Reform, Peter Collins, a UK lawyer involved with charities and the media, applauds B.C.’s changes to its Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, including increasing penalties to as much as $75,000 and as long as 24 months imprisonment for ...
  • Adjournment in Sundre horse killing case
    One of three men accused of illegally shooting a feral horse near Sundre in 2009 said Monday he’s confident he will be exonerated. Provincial court Judge Cheryl Daniel agreed to adjourn the trial for the day after the three men’s lawyers and Crown prosecutor Gord Haight discussed new disclosure that was recently turned over from ...
  • April 23rd Vigil for the lost lives of 100 Sled Dogs
    On April 23rd we intend to make history! We are a movement that has spread across Canada and other parts of the globe to not only honor the sled dogs on the anniversary of their death, but to also bring awareness and opportunity for legislative change. We hope for 100 cities, 1 for each sled ...
  • Introducing Canada’s toughest animal-protection laws
    British Columbia announced Tuesday that it is acting on all of the recommendations of its Sled Dog Task Force, including providing new funding for animal-cruelty investigations and introducing the toughest animal-protection laws anywhere in Canada. The province will change its Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, including increasing penalties to as much as $75,000 and ...
  • Alleged horse killers on trial in Calgary
    A lot of the wild horse herds in Alberta started turning up shot, left to die brutal, agonizing deaths near the side of the highway, and a lot of Albertans were as outraged as they were heartbroken.
  • No Cost Spay and Neuter Program is a free program
    NO Cost Spay and Neuter Program is a free program offered by The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services. You are eligible if on AISH, Income Support or household income is not greater than 85% of the Statistics Canada Low Income Cut-Offs (LICOS). Cat/kittens and dogs/puppies are eligible. No rabbits or ferrets at this ...
  • Canada’s authoritarian stance against animal rights
    “An animal charity may only advocate policies and practices which benefit humans more than animals.” The courts, says CRA, have determined that “an activity or purpose is only charitable when it provides a benefit to humans. For some purposes and activities, including those relieving the suffering of animals, the courts have decided that the benefit ...