Sample Letter to the Judge

Sample Letter to the Judge

Sample letter to the judgeSeveral people have expressed an interest in writing letters to the judge(s) presiding over animal abuse and cruelty cases, however they do not know what to say.

To follow is a sample that you can either use as your own (be sure to address it to the correct judge and add your name at the bottom) or use to help you write your own. This letter is addressed to Judge Fraser who handles a lot of  the animal abuse cases:

Honourable Judge Bruce R. Fraser
Alberta Provincial Court
601 – 5th Street SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 5P7

Dear Judge Fraser:

In light of another horrific animal abuse case in Alberta, it’s time to use your power to prosecute these abusers to the fullest extent of the law; by sending them to jail.

The amount of pain and suffering that is inflicted on vulnerable, powerless, animals shows that these abusers are capable to going one-step further – harming innocent human victims. The sentences handed down by judges are inadequate and will do little to stop abusers from re-offending.

Now is the time to use your authority to make Alberta a safer place for animals and people alike.

Yours truly,
[ your name here ]

You can copy the letter above and paste it into your email or download a copy here. Our thanks to Myrna for writing this for us.

And remember, we are their voices because it certainly seems that a lot of people are not hearing it when the animals speak.