Duke has found his new home!

Duke has found his new home!

Duke, the Chihuahua

Remember Duke, the little Chihuahua who was abducted by a coyote, but managed to drag himself back home despite his injuries? Who was later abducted by a hawk, but again survived?

Yes, THAT Duke.

He has a new home!

When Carol Gallant first told his story and said that he was looking for a new home, I immediately had the feeling that DAISY Foundation founder, Heather Anderson, would be the perfect match for him. I felt it in my gut and in my heart. But knowing that Heather already has a menagerie of dogs, cats, birds and reptiles, I decided it would be best to see if they would find each other.

So we created a blog post and spread the word about Duke. We received offers from far and near, but for one reason or another, they did not work out.

About a month later, we were working on our plans for the 4th Annual DAISY Foundation Fundraiser. Because it was being held at the community center, we thought we would invite Duke. Perhaps if people could see him in person, they might be interested in him or know someone who was. And that’s exactly what happened when Heather and Duke met — Heather with her cane and Duke with his cart. A match made in heaven!

A reporter recently interviewed the two of them at Heather’s house and filed this article. He also shot a video so everyone can meet Duke, aka Mr. Hot Wheels! As you can see in the video, not much slows this boy down!

Congratulations to Heather and Duke. I KNEW you would find each other!

And a special thanks to Carol for stepping up for this little man!

Pooch on wheels finds new Calgary home


Previously down on his luck, a resilient pup has rolled his way into a new Calgary home … and the heart of his new owner.

Known as Duke, the two-year-old Chihuahua has endured attacks by both a coyote and hawk, suffering extensive injuries that left his back two legs unusable.

Unable to afford pricey vet bills, his owners in Lacombe outfitted Duke with a set of wheels to replace his back two legs, but quickly realized they would no longer be able to give him enough care and attention.

Luckily, Calgary’s Heather Anderson, founder of animal rights advocacy group The Daisy Foundation, has come to the rescue.

Duke moved into Anderson’s humble abode earlier this month and has quickly made friends with a canine named Colt, who lost a leg as result of a gunshot wound.

“He’s got this spirit you wouldn’t believe,” Anderson said. “He’s incredible. I truly believe he has come into my life for a reason.”

Duke’s previous owner, Valerie Parish, spent months searching for a new home for him with the help of a complete stranger and Good Samaritan, Edmonton’s Carol Gallant.

“I couldn’t be happier,” Parish said of Duke’s new abode. “It was a long road but knowing where he went has made it all worthwhile.”

reprinted from MetroNews Calgary

Paralysis doesn’t slow Duke down; <br />all he needs now is a home!

Paralysis doesn’t slow Duke down;
all he needs now is a home!

UPDATE: Duke has found a new home — with Heather, founder of DAISY Foundation 🙂

When I think of a dog named Duke, I think of a big dog; 60 pounds or so. But in this case, this Duke is a tiny mite with a big personality.

Duke, the Chihuahua

Meet DUKE! The little Chihuahua with the big heart!

Duke used to live out in the country where he had a doggy door so he could go outside as needed. One day last summer, his owner found him laying on the doorstep unable to move. His vet believes that Duke was attacked by a coyote; that he was given the “death shake” that injured his spine. But somehow Duke managed to get away and make it home before the swelling to his spine made that impossible.

Now Duke gets around via his fancy “wheels.” According to his owner, “The [cart] he has is super light and works wonderful. I think you will be surprised as to how well it works. He can run in it; he can go through most terrain.”

Circumstances are such now that Duke’s family is looking for a new home for him: “I am so sad that we can not keep him, it breaks my heart, but it isn’t fair to him not to have someone who can change his diapers regularly and care for him properly.”

Will you help Duke?

A little about Duke

  • Duke is 2 yrs old;
  • He gets along well with other dogs/cats but does not do well with young children;
  • He loves to play with stuffed toys that have long dangly arms;
  • He walks around well with his cart, but he tires easily;
  • He can stand on his own for a few moments, but his legs are very wobbly;
  • He sleeps in a kennel at night with blankets as he has no control over his bodily functions (pee & poo);
  • He has to wear a diaper 24/7 and that needs to be changed regularly — like you would a human baby;
  • He barks and plays like other dogs;
  • He does not travel well in a kennel, and when he is on your lap in the car, he shakes and pants alot;
  • He cannot be left outside unattended as the hawks will get him. They can sense he is injured. This already happened once before with owner (thank god the hawk didn’t get him).
Here’s the letter from Duke’s owner:

We used to live in the country.

We had a doggy door which they used all the time. One day he was attacked by a coyote and  I found Duke on the door step. He was not able to move.

The Vet figured he was given the death shake and it broke his back. He was still able to run away but as he stopped, the cord began to swell. The vet gave us the option to take him to Calgary where they could have exposed his cord to relieve the pressure. He would have had a 50/50 shot of recovering completely. The procedure was $5000 and with all the other tests and stay, it could have been up to $10.000 which we just didn’t have.

So the vet did keep him for 3 days, gave him pain killers and iv fluid, xrays, etc, etc.

The [cart] he has is super light and works wonderful. I think you will be surprised as to how well it works. He can run in it, he can go through most terrain. I personally don’t think he needs a new one.

We looked at the professional ones to get the basic pattern. It took my husband and my brother-in-law (who is a welder) 3 days to finally get it right. I have a seamstress who made all of his supplies including [the supplies] for his cart. His supplies cost over $500.00. They are starting to wear so probably in the next year he will need some of them replaced.

I am so sad that we can not keep him, it breaks my heart, but it isn’t fair to him not to have someone who can change his diapers regularly and care for him properly.

Can you take him?

Thank you.

We are looking for a forever home for Duke. Sometimes it takes a little longer with a “special needs” dog, so we are asking you to help us. If you are interested in knowing more about Duke, please email Carol or message her on Facebook.

If you are unable to adopt him, please share Duke’s story with your friends and family. There is a home out there for him and it may even be there with someone you know.

So, please help this little mite with the big heart out… SHARE his story.