Heather’s Day in Court: Tomorrow!

Heather’s Day in Court: Tomorrow!

Heather Anderson, founder of DAISY Foundation speaking at the Calgary vigil for the sled dogs slaughtered in BC.

I’m Lana Horan, and have been a member of The D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation since 2007.

The unfortunate news is that Heather will appear in Calgary court for sentencing tomorrow, April 29, 2015 at 9 am. Due to the fact that Heather refused to return a puppy that had been surrendered to The D.A.I.S.Y? Foundation, a suddenly severely injured puppy believed by multiple vets to have been abused, Heather has been charged with obstructing a Police Officer. Due to flaws in our Property Act and a receipt that suddenly ‘appeared’ for $1 for a puppy, Heather has been charged with theft under $5,000.

I am a good friend of Heather’s, and I can tell you, as you surely already know, Heather would not do anything except what she thought was right. Heather is not a dishonest person, nor a thief. The person who surrendered the puppy hurriedly rushed off to an appointment to get financial assistance from the Red Cross for her upcoming move, promising to return to sign the surrender papers. She also stated there was no possible way she was keeping “this dog” as she said she didn’t even have enough money for a can of dog food.

We all know that Heather’s conscience would not allow her to give the puppy to someone she thought would be unable to care for her, especially a special needs puppy. She does not deserve to be charged with anything. Instead, Heather should be receiving accolades for having saved this innocent 4 week old creature with a horribly shattered leg vets believed would not even be able to be saved. Heather chose to take the side of the one who could not speak for herself, the puppy. She refused to disclose her location to the Police Officer who demanded to take the puppy back, therefore the charge of obstructing a Police Officer.

Sadly, Heather is now forced to defend herself against these ridiculous charges. This entails many thousands of dollars in legal fees. Not surprisingly, Heather and her most generous husband have maxed out all their credit to help others with their vet bills, food, and other animal and human needs.

Go Fund MeHeather’s friend started a GoFundMe to help with the legal fees, but only 20% has been raised so far. This saddens me because we all know that Heather would literally take the shirt off her back for any of the people on her social and personal network, yet her friend’s attempt at raising money this way has failed.

This is a prime example of why we should not consider animals as property. If it weren’t for the bill of sale and that they consider animals as property, there would be no legal issue here; no wasting court time, the taxpayer’s money, Heather’s money. Period.