Woman charged with animal neglect over injured, abandoned Doberman pup

Woman charged with animal neglect over injured, abandoned Doberman pup

By Deborah Tetley

Photograph by: Ted Rhodes, Calgary HeraldCharges have been laid against a woman six months after a Doberman puppy was found critically injured and abandoned in a blood-covered kennel outside a vet hospital.

The woman faces one Criminal Code charge of abandonment or wilful neglect of an animal in distress. She has also been charged under the Animal Protection Act of Alberta with causing or permitting an animal in her care to be in distress, Calgary Humane Society officials said Tuesday.

“Public support for this puppy was incredible,” said executive director Patricia Cameron. “Our animal protection investigators did a huge amount of work on this case and it truly demonstrated that Calgarians will not stand for animal abuse and cruelty or neglect.”

The dog, which is now eight months old, has been renamed Mike by the foster family who has been caring for him since he was found last November in the parking lot of Calgary North Veterinary Hospital.

He was underweight, dehydrated, had a broken leg, a head injury and required surgeries. At the time, officials said he’d been abused.

Since then, he’s made a remarkable recovery, Cameron said.

“Despite what was clearly a horrible ordeal, Mike is still ready to trust, to love and to enjoy life,” she said.

A Criminal Code conviction could mean a maximum penalty of six months in jail, a $5,000 fine and a lifetime ban on owning animals, the humane society said.

Cynthia Guan, 22, of Calgary, is to appear in court May 27.

The founder of the DAISY Foundation, which received a donation to put up a $10,500 reward for information leading to an arrest, said she’s happy someone has been charged.

“This case was sad,” said Heather Anderson. “I am excited about the arrest and hopeful the evidence sticks.”

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