Patti, a Pit Bull abandoned in Ontario, needs OUT!

Patti, a Pit Bull abandoned in Ontario, needs OUT!

Sweet Patti

Last September, Brant County SPCA reached for help outside the BSL-afflicted province of Ontario to re-home a Pit Bull named Indika. The folks at this SPCA respect the value of a life and do all that they can to help the animals that enter their facility find new homes. They are a “shelter” in the original intent of the word — they provide refuge and protect their fare. And they go above and beyond to do this.

A new Pit Bull has entered their facility. Her name is Patti, however the woman who contacted us about her constantly refers to her as “Sweet Patti.” That probably says a lot about this dog.

Here’s the note we received:

Unfortunately still bound by the province wide ban in Ontario, we are looking for a rescue/foster home outside of the province (ideally a new adoptive home!!). Not sure how you are doing for space to actually take her, but even some assistance with getting the word out about her would be greatly appreciated.

Patti is around 8 years old, very affectionate and LOVES her toys. She came into our care on July 5th after someone abandoned her, tied to a tree with a short leash and a prong collar so tight it was digging into her skin every time she moved. Needless to say, she needs a minute to warm up to new people.

We have done temperament testing and assessments on her and she passed all with ease. Patti seems to be in good health, fully vaccinated, spayed and heartworm negative.

If there is anything at all you can do, please let me know!

Well, there is something YOU can do for Sweet Patti! You can spread the word about her — share her on your Facebook page, tweet her on Twitter, email a link to this page to your friends, talk to people about her. All it takes is one right person, one good home and Patti’s life will start again. Let’s help her find it!

If you are interested in learning more about Sweet Patti, please contact Niki via email or you can call her at: (519) 756-6620.